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The best travel nurses deserve the best support.

Go further with the best benefits and perks travel nursing has to offer. We provide everything you need to ensure you are covered on and off the clock.

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Day One Health Coverage Day One Health Coverage
Travel Reimbursement Travel Reimbursement
Onboarding Cost Coverage Onboarding Cost Coverage
Weekly Pay Weekly Pay
First Time Traveler Incentive First Time Traveler Incentive
CEU Reimbursement CEU Reimbursement
24/7 Clinical Support 24/7 Clinical Support
Contract Transparency Contract Transparency
Referral Bonus Referral Bonus

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For travel nurses, contract transparency is a tremendous concern. This becomes especially true when you’re navigating your way through an unfamiliar hospital system with complex pay packages and different rules for each assignment- but TNI has got this covered! We have several practices that prevent confusion about what’s expected from nurses before they begin a contract; one important item is an Engagement Letter review completed with your recruiter before every contract.

You must live 100 miles away from the facility.
This must be your first assignment EVER, not just with our company.

Enter your information and qualified healthcare professionals’ contact information to start earning bonuses!

You are welcome to refer all of your qualified friends and family! Earn $500 PER RN referral and $250 for non-RN referrals. ** To be paid upon successfully completing 468 hours worked.***

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