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5 Travel Nurse Tips

Travel nursing is a job like no other. Here are five tips to help you with the journey.

1.Get Organized

Keep all your paperwork organized while traveling to your assignment, and stay organized throughout your stay. Your paperwork includes your licensing information, certification, health, and immunization records. Ensure all of these are up to date while on contract and before leaving your tax home. Find the best way for you to keep this information safe.

2.Trust Your Recruiter

Your recruiter’s job is to work with you and support you during your contract. Open communication is vital, so let your recruiter know what form of communication you prefer and how often you need to connect. When you are alone in a new place, your recruiter is your support system and an advocate in the hospital. They can’t help you if they don’t know what is happening.

Explore the city you are in when you aren’t working. Try new things, meet new people—This is supposed to be fun! Talk to your co-workers and see what their favorite spots are.

4.Stay Positive
Your mental health is one of the most important things to focus on when traveling alone for long periods. Be prepared for difficult days. There will be times when you need a break for your emotional wellbeing. Take things with you that bring you comfort from home. Create a music playlist to take your mind off whatever brings you down. Whether it’s going out for fresh air, exercising, spending time with new friends, or taking your pet out for a walk, having a few coping mechanisms that fit your needs is never a bad idea.

If you consistently struggle to stay positive, talk to your recruiter about your situation. They can often provide resources to help you during your time of need. At Travel Nurses, Inc., we are proud to offer day one healthcare, including virtual therapy services through AbleTo. With AbleTo, you have access to one-on-one talk therapy with a highly trained and compassionate therapist, coach, or both who work to understand you.

5. Think About The Future
The best advice we can give is to start to think about your next contract six weeks out. Reach out to your recruiter to discover what your options are. If you love your location, a contract extension may be an excellent option for you. If you want a change in scenery, start thinking of other places you want to visit next.

You never know what opportunities you will find on our travel nurse job board.

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