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Tips for Travel Nurses

Becoming a Travel Nurse is thought to be easier said than done. Well, we are here to tell you that it can be easy and done with just a few tips to help make it all smooth sailing. Getting to your destination can be the hardest part with deciding where to go, what to pack, to bring your pet or not. We are going to give you the run down from the advice and opinions of some of our experienced travel nurses.


There are many ways to travel today. The travel assignment you choose may be a 20-hour drive or a 4-hour drive.

Travel nurse RV and Car transportation

We have learned from our traveling nurses that they prefer to bring their own vehicle. Plane or train are not bad choices, but unless you’re in Hawaii or Alaska, driving is going to benefit you in the long run.

A few reasons our travel nurses have provided are:

  • They want to drive their RV and pull their car along with them.
  • Some travel nurses need extra space to pack.
  • Many travelers crave the freedom to drive their own vehicle during an assignment.

The road trip along the way may be an unforgettable experience if this is the route you choose to go.

You can get the Gas Buddy app, and this will find the cheapest gas near you. With these gas prices we are experiencing, this is a lifesaver. The Roadtrippers app allows you to enter your destination and find all the best-suggested pop-ups for sightseeing, hikes, trails, and parks along the way.



We know being away from your pets for that long of a period can be difficult, so why not bring them along?

Nurse traveling with pets

Traveling by vehicle makes it a lot easier to travel with your fur babies. If you have a pet, we suggest this as your best traveling option. You can stop when needed to let them stretch or potty.

They are brilliant companions to come home to after a long shift in a new city. They love to explore unknown places with you, and you could even get some pretty great photos of them on your adventures. It might be great for a new phone wallpaper.

When preparing for a travel assignment, take them to the vet before leaving to get them caught up on all their immunizations and a checkup. Your vet might have recommendations for a vet in your new city.

Don’t forget to choose a housing location that is pet friendly.



You can plan your travel assignments around any event, festival, season, or landmark. You have the freedom to pick the location based on whatever you choose.Festival

If you want to experience a northern winter in Wisconsin or travel down to Florida for the beach in the summer, we can find a job for you! You can even take a travel job to California in April for the annual Coachella Music Festival.

Travel Nurses have the flexibility to put aside time off for all the fun things like festivals, events, or vacations. Pay rates are also a huge dictator of where to go. The higher the rate, the more of an incentive to go to that location. But don’t work too much!

Explore what is unique about the new areas you are going to!



Packing for your travel assignment depends on your choice of transportation, traveling with or without your pets, and the location choices.

Packing for Travel nurse assignment Prior to leaving, make a list of what you use daily. You want to pack quality essentials like good athletic clothes, a few different shoes, scrubs, jeans, a few nice outfits, a rain jacket, toiletries, etc. along with basing it off the weather and events happening during this time.

Check with your housing contact to see what you need to bring that they may not provide. Instead of bringing your TV, can you just you’re your laptop or tablet? There are things you can buy when you arrive at your assignment instead of having to pack them.

For more space, consider buying an organization packing kit that will allow you to use all your space in the best way. There are electronic accessories, travel organizers, compression bags for saving space, and storage containers instead of luggage that help you stay organized.

If you are traveling with pets, bring their necessities only. There are packing apps available like PackPoint, made for travel nurses specifically.


We hope that you are able to benefit with these tips. If they worked for you, let us know! Do you know more ways to help others on their travel assignment? Tell us! We want to provide the best care for the best nurses!

About the Author

Hi! I'm Megan. I grew up just outside Memphis and went to the University of Memphis, where I got my Bachelors degree in Communications. Photography is one of my passions, as is anything creative. I also love being involved in my church. I love traveling and seeing new things. I'm so glad that this job allows me to learn and grow in Marketing along with the understanding the healthcare world. Spending time with family and friends is essential to me, and I feel truly blessed to have such a great support system.

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