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MBJ Women Who Lead featuring Cristina Duncan

Memphis Business Journal has an ongoing monthly feature called “Women Who Lead”. This feature includes “Women Who Lead in Nursing”. Memphis Business Journal honored several women who provide leadership in the healthcare system across Memphis.

If there were a time for leadership, the pandemic is when we needed it most. It was a challenging time for everyone when COVID numbers were high, especially for healthcare workers. The need for travel nurses increased like never before. Even though the pandemic begin to lift, we are still learning to work, treat and understand this new illness. The EVP of Operations & Clinical Services for Travel Nurses, Inc., Cristina Duncan, BSN, RN does not take her role lightly. She leads her staff with excellence.

The Memphis Business Journal writes…

 “With 29 years in the sector and plenty of experience and accomplishments, Cristina Duncan can still pinpoint her biggest career achievement. “I’m most proud of my transition from a clinician, caring for patients at the bedside, to my role as a clinician working in the business sector and being able to mentor the new and upcoming generation of health care professionals.”

As EVP, Cristina provides clinical support, and operational, quality, and recruitment oversight to the corporate team. But she’s also looking further out. Her next big goal is helping OR Nurses Nationwide/Travel Nurses achieve a greater national footprint within the travel industry.

A trend she’s noticed is a “new generation of health care professionals taking opportunities to travel and expand their experience while being able to include their families and loved ones.”

Cristina is also an American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts member, and serves on the NATHO Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee.”

Quote to MBJ

Cristina Duncan is quoted in their article, “On a daily basis as the EVP of operations and clinical services, I’m able to provide my expertise as a registered nurse to many different departments. I work directly with my clinical support team, as well as the health care professionals we employ.”

Thank You

A huge thank you to Shoshana Cenker, the author of the Memphis Business Journal article “Women Who Lead in Nursing”. Check out the link to read this article and many more published by the Memphis Business Journal. If you aren’t subscribed, we encourage you to do so!


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