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OR Nurses Nationwide is now Travel Nurses, Inc. 

After 35 extraordinary years, we’re thrilled to announce that OR Nurses Nationwide has officially transitioned to Travel Nurses, Inc. With over a decade of experience staffing all specialties nationwide, we’re excited to continue placing you in rewarding contracts across the country as Travel Nurses, Inc.

OR Nurses Nationwide: 35 Years of Excellence, Compassion, and Nurse-Led Innovation

In a world where healthcare is a beacon of hope, a company emerged 35 years ago committed to providing exceptional healthcare workers with unwavering excellence and boundless compassion. OR Nurses, Inc./OR Nurses Nationwide (ORNN), renowned for innovation and nurse-led leadership, recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, reflecting on a journey fueled by vision and dreams.

Origins: Vision Embodied by Extraordinary Nurses

In July 1988, OR Nurses, Inc. was born from the visionary minds of two operating room nurses: Carol Patterson, a former U.S. Army Nurse and Vietnam Veteran, and Denise Burnett Stewart, a former nursing school instructor. Their shared passion for healthcare excellence ignited their entrepreneurial journey. On August 1, 1988, Denise began her first shift at Memphis Surgery Center as an operating room nurse, planting the seeds of ORNN. Denise recalls vividly: “The Director told us if we helped her out, she would only use OR Nurses Inc. from then on. I was excited because it was our first act of business as a company.”

A Stellar Beginning: The Power of Word-of-Mouth

Guided by Denise and Carol, OR Nurses, Inc. embarked on a mission to provide staffing solutions to local surgery centers and surgical suites in hospitals. Hiring only experienced nurses with five years or more, established an exceptional team. Their commitment to excellence drove a “word-of-mouth” recruitment strategy, attracting the best nurses who, in turn, referred top candidates. This virtuous cycle propelled OR Nurses, Inc. forward, driven by trust and recommendations.

A Vision for the Future: Distinction and Nurse-Led Leadership

ORNN’s ongoing goal as it transitions fully to Travel Nurses, Inc. is national recognition as a nurse-owned and nurse-operated company, driven by a nurse-led culture. Excellence, compassion, and innovation continue to shape healthcare staffing, inspiring positive change.

About the Author

Travel Nurses, Inc. is a leading travel nurse staffing agency providing nurses with opportunities to find work across the country. Established by nurses for nurses, TNI has been in business since 1988 and has over 30 years of experience.

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