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Surgical Tech Week
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Surgical Tech Week 2023

Surgical Tech Week

Surgical Technologist Week is held the third week of September each year. This year, it is held September 17-23. Here at Travel Nurses, Inc., we hope you feel valued for more than just one week a year, although we want to ensure that this week is extra special!

What it’s all about

Surgical technologists are the heartbeat of our operating rooms, playing an integral role in patient care by preparing and maintaining the surgical environment, assisting surgeons and nurses, and ensuring that all necessary instruments and equipment are in place. Their dedication, expertise, and attention to detail are essential to successful surgeries and optimal patient outcomes.

5 interesting facts about CSTs

  1. Multitasking Masters: In the OR, CSTs must be excellent multitaskers. They handle instruments, assist with patient positioning, and manage sterile supplies while being aware of the surgeon’s needs.
  2. High Demand: As the healthcare field continues to grow, the demand for surgical technologists remains high. Job opportunities are expected to increase as the population ages and require more surgical procedures.
  3. Great Communication: Effective communication is essential in the operating room, and CSTs must be skilled at conveying information to the surgical team, especially during high-stress situations.
  4. Job Satisfaction: Many CSTs find their work incredibly rewarding, knowing they are vital in helping patients receive the care they need.
  5. Attention to Detail: CSTs are known for their attention to detail, as they must meticulously prepare and maintain sterile fields to prevent infections during surgery.

How we celebrate our CST

This year, we are giving all our active CSTs a pair of OnCloud shoes for Certified Surgical Tech Week! We want to ensure you are comfortable working long hours in the operating room. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the healthcare community. We are honored to have the best CSTs on our Travel Nurses, Inc. team!


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