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The Importance of Timesheets, Schedules and Temporary Addresses

Ever wonder why your recruiter keeps asking for your schedule and reminds you every week to turn in your timesheet? Or how about when your recruiter asks for a temporary address for your assignment? There are actually several reasons for this. In this blog, we’ll explain why these items are not only necessary for your recruiter, but also for your own benefit.

Telling your recruiter your scheduleTimesheets

For travelers at Travel Nurses, Inc., it is imperative for to submit your timesheet weekly since we pay weekly. However, for every travel assignment you complete, there will be a different way for you to fill out timesheets.

The timesheet you use and the way it must be filled out depends on the vendor that the hospital uses. Some timesheets are easier than others, but the specifications to complete your timesheet are dictated by the vendor.

Travelers should receive the correct timesheet and instructions on how to fill out their timesheet in their first day instructions (FDI). This should be attached to your FDI, and your recruiter should call to review your timesheet’s specifications before you start your assignment.

But why is this important for travelers? Without the specific timesheet for the vendor, the agency does not have a way to prove you worked. If the agency can’t prove you worked, then you won’t be paid. Additionally, if you turn in your timesheet late, then it might be a week before the payroll team can process your timesheet. Luckily, we make uploading your timesheet easy with out Travel Nurses, Inc. app. Once you log in, select timesheet, and either upload a photo or take a photo through the app. Once you’ve uploaded it, you will get an automatic confirmation.

At Travel Nurses, Inc. our payroll team goes above and beyond to make sure every traveler is paid each week. They send out reminders every Monday reminding travelers to turn in timesheets and will even text you directly as the deadline approaches to make sure no one is left behind. If our payroll team is messaging you about your timesheet, they are trying to help make sure you get your paycheck.


While timesheets may seem like the most obvious necessity for travelers (who doesn’t want to be paid on time?), schedules are equally as important. Recruiters use your schedule for a number of reasons. It’s another tool recruiters use to advocate for you.

At Travel Nurses, Inc., all departments have access to your schedule to know when you should generally be available. If we need to call you about something, no one wants to call you while you’re working. Likewise, if you work nights, no one wants to call you at 10am the morning after your shift as you will likely be sleeping. We try to be as mindful as possible of these things. As your employer, we also carry your liability insurance. So it’s important that we know when you are scheduled to work.

Additionally, some facilities have shift cancellation policies. Our recruiters and payroll team keep track of cancellations to ensure the facilities comply with their policies and to ensure you are paid correctly. Just like timesheets, travelers can upload their schedules through the Travel Nurses, Inc. app. Once you log in, select schedule, and either upload your schedule or take a photo through the app.

Temporary AddressUpdate your temporary address

Lastly, if you are traveling far away from your home, your recruiter will ask for your temporary address. We keep this address on file for the duration of the assignment for your own safety.

It doesn’t happen often, but there have been times when we call emergency services to check on a traveler. When this happens, we need to know where to send them.

Another (more fun) reason we need your temporary address is so we can mail things to you. If the marketing team wants to send something to you, or if your recruiter wants to send you a handwritten card, we need to know your address.

Our travelers are at the center of everything we do. Whether we are asking for your timesheet, your schedule, or your temporary address, it’s all the benefit you!

If you’re looking for an agency that considers you above anything else, email us at We’d love to connect you with a recruiter today!

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