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Top-Rated Recruiter: Marissa Morgan

Marissa Morgan, top-rated recruiterTravel Nurses, Inc. is proud to announce that our very own, Marissa Morgan, was listed as a top recruiter on Great Recruiters for the third quarter in 2023 and again in the first quarter in 2024. Marissa has been recruiting for TNI since December of 2020 and has a 4.97-star rating on Great Recruiters.

Being a former teacher, Marissa likes to take time to make sure all her travelers understand how the industry works. There are some differences between working on staff somewhere and being a traveler, so Marissa wants all her travelers to feel empowered to make the best decisions for themselves.

Something that makes Marissa different from recruiters at other agencies is her care for people. This is reflected in her reviews. Marissa values honesty and transparency as this builds trust. Her goal is to empower travelers to feel confident in their decisions and to never feel pressure from her.

Marissa knows the recruiter/traveler relationship is a two-way street. Having previous experience working in a healthcare setting alongside nurses, Marissa understands the importance of teamwork. She wants her travelers to feel like she is on their team and that she is advocating for them.

To work with Marissa or another one of our incredible recruiters, email us at

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