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Top Rated Recruiters for Q3 2023

Great Recruiters, a platform that enables recruiters to obtain immediate feedback from the professionals they collaborate with, has recently revealed the top-rated recruiters for Q3 2023. We’re thrilled to announce Marissa Morgan, one of our recruiters, has made it to the list. Her healthcare professionals have given her exceptional reviews, resulting in an impressive rating of 4.94. 

Marissa Morgan writes, “It’s extremely beneficial to new travelers as they decide which company/recruiter they want to work with, as they can go on GR and see honest ratings from professionals in their industry, learn about the recruiters, and then find a match with a recruiter who best suits their individual needs. There is such a wide range of personalities out there, and not everyone will be compatible in this professional capacity. GR allows clinicians to “be picky,” so to speak, about who they work with, and it gives me as a recruiter a pulse on what I do well and what I can improve on!” 

What is Great Recruiters? Great Recruiters is an online platform dedicated to helping job seekers, employers, and recruiting agencies connect and share their experiences. It serves as a review and rating platform where individuals can provide feedback and reviews about their interactions with recruitment agencies, staffing firms, and individual recruiters. Job seekers can find valuable insights into the reputations of recruitment professionals and organizations, while employers can identify top-tier recruiting services. 

Great Recruiters aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the recruitment industry by offering a trusted space for real-world feedback and reviews, ultimately helping job seekers and employers make more informed decisions when choosing a recruitment partner or job opportunity. 

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Travel Nurses, Inc. is a leading travel nurse staffing agency providing nurses with opportunities to find work across the country. Established by nurses for nurses, TNI has been in business since 1988 and has over 30 years of experience.

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