Jeremy Watkins

National Travel Recruiter

Prior to working in travel nurse recruiting, I spent several years in sales and customer service in various industries. As a result, I brought an attitude of service and helpfulness as well as professionalism that have helped me every day in travel nurse recruitment. My work really begins with our first email or conversation. You will recognize my passion for helping others when we begin to explore your personal desires and concerns. And you never need fear that I am keeping anything from you. We are totally transparent in every aspect of our relationship.

I am a Memphian. I have always resided in the mid-south. Growing up with three older brothers, I had no other choice but to gain an affinity for family and teamwork. This affinity influenced my decision to be a Travel Nurse Recruiter. You and I will become a team working totally in your behalf.

Fun Facts

  • I am a graduate from the illustrious Tennessee State University, located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • I am a huge sports follower! I am a die-hard Grizzlies and Titans fan, until they play the Lakers and Rams, whom I was a big fan of before the local teams were acquired.
  • I love music, movies, and shopping.
  • I am the uncle to several nieces and nephews, all whom I spend as much time with as possible.
  • Early on in my career, I had the pleasure of meeting the love of my life who later became the lucky Mrs. Watkins in 2015.