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The Reality of Travel Nursing

Set a Routine

As we all know traveling can be a stressful time for people. Added work in an entirely new location can be a whole new level of stress. Sometimes you find a place to stay that will not work, and you are left scrambling to find a place to stay. Throw some dogs in the mix; let me tell you, it’s a stressful situation. Setting a routine is vital for travel nursing.

Janesville, WIAssignment and Home Location

My wife and I have a routine that starts when we look for a location. We look at what contracts and areas are available to see if there is somewhere specific that we want to go. We have been trying to travel to places we have never been, which has been fun and exciting. Most recently, we trekked up north to experience winter in Wisconsin. We got to see more snow in three months than we had seen in the last ten years of living in the south. Talk about an actual cold.

The Harsh Reality

Once we decide where we are applying and have been accepted we start looking at what housing is available in the area. My wife and I typically used Airbnb when choosing a place to stay while on assignment. When we were in Wisconsin, we had a fantastic home we could stay in, but not every home works out as that one did for us. Difficulties come while traveling.

Dog exploringAgain, this can be a challenge while traveling with our two dogs. We try our best to find the best option in housing, but as you read earlier, the harsh reality is people can make a house look great in pictures, but it might not look that great in person.

That’s what has happened to us here recently in our travels to Virginia. We arrived Saturday night at a home that looked beautiful in pictures and online, but when we got there, the house was dirty and had a little bug problem. It was not the ideal situation. Thankfully, the host let us out of our contract, and we could retreat to a pet-friendly hotel, but we were still in a pickle. My contract started the next day, and we didn’t have a permanent home.

Thankfully, with a lot of luck, we found a listing for a home that was just perfect for us and we were able to hop on it and get moved in. The reality of traveling is that things aren’t always going to be perfect, but you must be flexible and willing to take on challenges that life throws at you.

Get Involved. Explore. Stay Persistent

Hunter and his wife at crossfit

Church and Crossfit

After finding and securing our housing for the contract, we start looking for a church to attend and a Crossfit gym. Finding these allows us to get involved with those in the community and gives us a sense of belonging in a new place.

Visiting Chicago


My wife and I also love going out and trying new food and exploring what the community has to offer. In Wisconsin, we could travel to dairy farms. We were also close enough to make a couple of trips to Chicago, so we try to find fun and unique things to do in the areas we are in.

Persistency is Key

Last, we think it’s essential to see what the area has to offer in grocery stores. My wife is a big Walmart and Sam’s Club fan and with gas prices these days, it’s good to know where some cheaper fuel might be. Everyone is different and has their way of doing things, but that’s our usual routine. I hope that as you travel, things go smooth, but if you do face some trials and adversity remember you aren’t alone. If you stay persistent, you can overcome whatever lies ahead of you!


About the Author

Written by one of our very own travel nurses, Hunter Jackson, RN. He travels with his wife and pups!

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